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Pumas 48
Dons 42
Conference League
20th April 2003


McCabe 2,3,2,3,3,2* =15+1
Painter 0,1,1,0,1* = 3+1
RR 0
Horton 3,0,1,F = 4
Hunter 0,2*,0,0 = 2+1
Norton 3,0,3,3,3,3,3 =18
Dennis 0,2,3,1 =6
Hill 0


Barrett 3,2*,1*,1* =7+3
Collyer 1,3,2 =6
Hedge 1*,0,0,2 =3+1
Prynne 2,1,3,2,0 =8
Giffard 3,2,2,2,1 =10
Hunt 1*,0,0 =1+1
Cross 2,1,1*,2,0,1* =7+2
Clement 0

Heat 1 - Barrett ; McCabe ; Collyer ; Painter ; (2-4)(2-4)
Heat 2 - Norton ; Cross ; Hunt ; Dennis ; (3-3)(5-7)
Heat 3 - Horton ; Prynne ; Hedge ; Norton ; (3-3)(8-10)
Heat 4 - Giffard ; Dennis ; Cross ; Hunter ; (2-4)(10-14)
Heat 5 - Collyer ; Barrett ; Painter ; Horton ; (1-5)(11-19)
Heat 6 - McCabe ; Giffard ; Painter ; Hunt ; (4-2)(15-21)
Heat 7 - Norton ; Hunter ; Prynne ; Hedge ; (5-1)(20-22)
Heat 8 - Dennis ; Collyer ; Cross ; Painter ; (3-3)(23-25)
Heat 9 - Norton ; Giffard ; Horton ; Hunt ; (4-2)(27-27)
Heat 10 - Prynne ; McCabe ; Painter ; Hedge ; (3-3)(30-30)
Heat 11 - Norton ; Cross ; Barrett ; Hunter ; (3-3)(33-33)
Heat 12 - McCabe ; Hedge ; Dennis ; Cross ; (4-2)(37-35)
Heat 13 - McCabe ; Giffard ; Barrett ; Hunter ; (3-3)(40-38)
Heat 14 - Norton ; Prynne ; Cross ; Horton(F) ; (3-3)(43-41)
Heat 15 - Norton ; McCabe ; Giffard ; Prynne ; (5-1)(48-42)





Match Report

From the centre Green

The GMB DONS had a massive job on their hands to overcome a difference of 20 points from the 1st leg of the conference league KO Cup with the Boston Barracuda Braves.

This meeting was always going to be hard for the GMB DONS, we were riding R/R for Jason Prynne and we needed all the points we could get for the rider replacement rides.

For the Boston Barracuda Braves unfortuntaly they had to come into this meeting without Trevor Harding and their fantastic reserve Darren Mallett who had one the Ronnie Moore Cup at Plough Lane a few weeks ago on a 15 point max.

In heat one it didn't look good for the Barracuda Braves as Mark Thompson lifted at the start and went over his handlebars. however he got up and kept riding, in the 3rd lap unfortunate for the GMB Dons Peter Collyer fell, causing the race to be stopped this allowed Mark Thompson and Luke Clifton to share the points with Wayne Barrett. Giving the GMB Dons 3 and the Barracuda Braves 3.

Heat 2 and 3 saw the Dons gain a 4-2 and a 5-1 therefore starting to pull back the points that we needed to to gain from the 1st leg.

Heat 4 saw Andre Cross get excluded for causing the race to be stopped. From the centre green Andre and James Horton were very close together going into the second bend. In the re run of this heat Danny Giffard got out the gate but there was David McAllan the Barracuda Brave man who was going to cause a problem to the Dons as on the 4th lap McAllan swepted passed Danny in a clean move to gain Boston 3 points and with Horton coming in 3rd the Dons had some work to do.

Heat 5 saw some fantastic riding by Peter Collyer who is improving very nicely on the Plough Lane Circuit. Peter rode a fine race overtaking both Mark Thompson and Luke Clifton to join Gavin Hedge on a 5-1. Making the scores on the night 19 to the Dons and 11 to the Braves.

Heat 7 saw Dean Garred of the Braves be excluded on 2 minutes time allowance therefore Bostons Team Manager Malcolm Vasey brought out Shane McCabe as a replacement, unfortunately it didn't pay of for Boston as Danny Giffard and Chris Hunt gained a 4-2 for the GMB Dons.

Unfortunatley the GMB Dons lost out in Heat 8 where the Boston Barracuda Braves romped to a 5-1 over Andre Cross and Peter Collyer. Peter having an engine failure.

The GMB Dons followed this up with 2 4-2s in heats 9 and 10 and in heat 11 a 5-1 thanks to some fantastic riding from Danny Giffard and Chris Hunt.

In heat 11 we saw Danny Giffard gate on the Boston lads Mark Thompson and Luke Clifton, with GMB Dons Captain Chris Hunt at the back, however Chris produced some fantastic racing as he passed Luke Clifton coming off the back straight, and with some determination and hard riding he found a way around Mark Thompson as well to go and join Danny for a 5-1 for the Dons.

Heat 12 saw Malcolm Vasey bring in Luke Clifton as a Tactical Sub for James Horton, the points were shared as Andre Cross managed to hold on to 3rd place and with gavin coming 2nd.

Another tactical sub for Boston in heat 13 when Shane McCabe was brought in for Mark Thompson however the fantastic pairing of Wayne Barrett and Danny Giffard rode a fantastic race of team riding to give the Dons a much needed 5-1 the score on the night being Dons 47 Boston 31, this was now becoming a nailbiting match.

Heat 14 saw a double tactical sub for the Barracuda Braves, but once again Gavin Hedge who had been fantastic all night shot to the front, and once again Chris Hunt followed in 3rd to gain the Dons a 4-2.

Heat 15 and the Dons needed a 5-1 to win the meeting and to go through to the next round of the KO Cup or a 4-2 which would bring the 2 sides to 90 points a piece, which would mean that both legs were to be re run.

It looked as if the Dons might gain a 5-1 in this race which would have seen them through to the next round however some fantastic riding by Bostons David McAllan gain the Braves 2 points making the scores all square.

90 points a piece with some fantastic racing from both teams.

I can't wait to see the re play.

Wimbledon GMB Dons V Boston Barracuda Braves

Wimbledon won tonights meeting by 55 to Bostons 35 therefore both meetings will have to be re run as both teams finished with 90 points a piece on aggregate.


1) Wayne Barrett 3,3,2,3,3,3 =17,
2)Peter Collyer Ex,2*,0,En,1=3+1
3) Gavin Hedge 2*,3,3,2,3,1=14+1
4) R/R For Jason Prynne
5) Danny Giffard 2,3,1*,3,2*=11+1
6) Chris Hunt 1,1,2*,1=5+1
7) Andre Cross 3,Ex,1,1*=5+1


1) Mark Thompson 2,0,0 ,F=2
2) Luke Clifton 1*,1,2*,1,0,=5+2
3) Rob Hollingworth Fx,2,2,3,2,0=9
4) Shane McCabe Ex,Ex(2Mins),0,1 =1
5) David McAllan 3,3,3,2,En,2=13
6) Dean Garrod 2,1,1=4
7) James Horton 0,1,0=1

Wimbledon GMB Dons

Wayne Barrett 2 2*3 3 2*2 =14 + 2
Peter Collyer 1*1 2*2 1 =7 + 2
Gavin Hedge 3 3 2*2 3 0 =13 + 1
R/R (Jason Prynne)
Daniel Giffard 3 3 3 3 3 =15
Chris Hunt 2 1 0 1 =4
Andre Cross 1*0 1*F =2 + 2
James Clement did not ride

Sheffield Pirtek Prowlers

Richard Hall 3 2 3 2 0 3 =13
Luke Priest F 0 1* =1 + 1
David Speight 0 F 0 = 0
Benji Compton 1 2 2 2 =7
Ben Wilson 1*1 F 3 1 1 =7 + 1
Michael Mitchell R F 1 1 =2
Jamie Rogers 3 2 F 0 =5

Heat 1 - Richard Hall ; Wayne Barrett ; Peter Collyer ; Luke Priest(F)
; (3-3)(3-3)
Heat 2 - Jamie Rogers ; Chris Hunt ; Andre Cross ; Michael Mitchell(R)
; 70.3 (3-3)(6-6)
Heat 3 - Gavin Hedge ; Wayne Barrett(r/r) ; Benji Compton ; David
Speight ; 67.9 (5-1)(11-7)
Heat 4 - Daniel Giffard ; Jamie Rogers ; Ben Wilson ; Andre Cross ;
66.9 (3-3)(14-10)
Heat 5 - Gavin Hedge ; Richard Hall ; Peter Collyer(r/r) ; Luke Priest
; 66.6 (4-2)(18-12)
Heat 6 - Wayne Barrett ; Peter Collyer ; Ben Wilson ; Michael
Mitchell(F) ; 67.7 (5-1)(23-13)
Heat 7 - Daniel Giffard ; Benji Compton ; Chris Hunt ; David
Speight(F,rm) ; 67.1 (4-2)(27-15)
Heat 8 - Richard Hall(tac sub) ; Peter Collyer ; Andre Cross ; Jamie
Rogers(F,rm) ; 67.4 (3-3)(30-18)
Heat 9 - Daniel Giffard(r/r) ; Gavin Hedge ; Michael Mitchell(F,rm) ;
Ben Wilson(F) ; 67.3 (5-1)(35-19)
Heat 10 - Wayne Barrett ; Benji Compton ; Peter Collyer ; David Speight
; 66.3 (4-2)(39-21)
Heat 11 - Daniel Giffard ; Richard Hall ; Luke Priest ; Chris Hunt ;
66.9 (3-3)(42-24)
Heat 12 - Ben Wilson(tac sub) ; Gavin Hedge ; Michael Mitchell ;
Andre Cross(F) ; 66.8 (2-4)(44-28)
Heat 13 - Daniel Giffard ; Wayne Barrett ; Ben Wilson ; Richard Hall ;
66.7 (5-1)(49-29)
Heat 14 - Gavin Hedge(r/r) ; Benji Compton ; Chris Hunt ; Jamie
Rogers(F,rm) ; 65.6 (4-2)(53-31)
Heat 15 - Richard Hall ; Wayne Barrett ; Ben Wilson ; Gavin Hedge ;
66.7 (2-4)(55-35)

Latest Press Release

Barry Pickering 21 April 2003 10:20 GMT

Chris In Hunt For Points

Wimbledon were proudly sitting atop the Conference League for the first time in their illustrious history, following last weeks demolition of ex-champions Sheffield at a buzzing Plough Lane.

With the 3 heat leaders all registering double figure scores, including an immaculate 15 point full house for Danny Giffard, the GMB Dons gave arguably their finest performance since their comeback to the sport after an eleven year absence.

The addition of Giffard, Gavin Hedge and latterly Peter Collyer has been a tremendous tonic for the Londoners who have made great strides this year after last season's struggles, not bad for a side still missing their official number two rider in the absent Jason Prynne!

With GMB Dons No.1 Wayne Barrett his usual consistent self, and Andre Cross scoring handy points at reserve, the only concern facing Team boss Dingle Brown is the poor form of Wimbledon skipper Chris Hunt.

Didcot-based Hunt is a popular figure on the Plough Lane terraces but has so far this season seen his scoring output fall, due to a combination of lack of confidence and under performing machinery.

Chris however remains confident that he will soon turn the corner and once again notch up vital scores in the reserve berth. "Basically, I've lost a little bit of confidence in myself and in my bikes. All it takes though is one good meeting and I'll be back among the points."

With the league meetings usually wrapped up by 9.30pm, the extra time is giving young riders the chance to gain vital practice in meaningful second halves. Two young riders, Jamie Clement and Gareth Hickmott, are visibly improving meeting by meeting and will soon be challenging for places in the side.

Team Boss Dingle Brown is pleased to see young talent coming through at Wimbledon, "A strong side needs the impetus of young hungry riders fighting the established team members for a place in the side. In Clements and Hicknott, I feel we have two riders of great promise who can become a long term part of the Plough Lane set-up".

On a sad note, the Directors of Wimbledon Speedway PLC have recently learnt of the death of Rob Dixon who passed away last Friday after a long illness.
The Dixon family have provided countless hours of support and help at Plough Lane and Rob will be sadly missed. He leaves a wife Jan and two daughters and our thoughts and wishes are with them at this time.

Sadly another long standing fan of the Dons also passed away last week. Ken Foote who in the fifties had been a committed Barry Briggs fan died in St Helier Hospital at the weekend after having been unwell for sometime.
End of release
Barry Pickering

Wimbledon Speedway Press Officer

Wimbledon seek to overturn 20 point deficit

Wimbledon are confident that they can overturn last Friday's cup defeat at
Boston as they seek their first cup final appearance since 1988.

The heavily depleted GMB Dons fought valiantly to hold the Boston
Barracuda-Braves to a mere four point lead after heat 9 before the lack of
riders took its toll with Wimbledon eventually losing the quarter final,
first leg clash 55-35.

Wimbledon were indebted to matching 14 point hauls from new signings Gavin
Hedge and Danny Giffard who between them notched up
28 points out of a final score of 35.

GMB Dons Chairman Ian Perkin remains confident that the London side will
progress to the cup semi-finals, "No-one gave us a chance at Boston, given
the fact that we were missing our No.1 rider Wayne Barrett along with the
unavailable Jason Prynne."

"We believe that with Wayne back in the side for the second leg at Plough
Lane, we stand a great chance of reliving previous cup glories and seeing
the GMB Dons clinch an aggregate win."

The second leg will take place at Plough Lane next Wednesday 16th April,
starting at 7.30pm.

End of press release.


GMB Dons shocked by Prynne decision as Collyer signs up

Wimbledon Speedway have been rocked by the news that influential heat leader
Jason Prynne has asked to be rested from the team for the forseeable future
due to personal reasons.

Prynne made the decision during last Sunday's Conference League defeat at
Newport and will be sorely missed by the Londoners as they chase League and
Cup honours.

GMB Dons Chairman Ian Perkin was understandably disappointed with the
news."Jason's decision to stand down is obviously a set back to our team
building plans".

Wimbledon are planning to utilise rider replacement until a suitable
replacement can be found but both Perkin and General Manager Dingle Brown
remain confident that a rider of similar calibre will be found.

On a positive note, Wimbledon have secured the services of Peter Collyer for
the rest of the 2003 campaign, and he is expected to slot into the middle
order and provide important backup to the heat leaders.

Perkin was delighted at capturing the services of the highly rated Collyer
"Peter is a rider with a big future in the sport and we are sure that he
will be a tremendous asset to the club."

Collyer is due to make his debut for the Londoners in their opening home
League fixture on Wednesday night against Oxford Kids and he will be joined
by new signing James Clement who made a very favourable impression at
Newport notching up three paid five in his first outing for Wimbledon.

Last week saw young Boston star Darren Mallett clinch victory in the Ronnie
Moore Cup ahead of Wimbledon's Wayne Barrett and Chris Schramm.

Mallett posted a faultless 15 point maximum and will be one to watch when
Boston arrive at Plough Lane later in the season.

End of Press Release.




This is a posting from the speedway forum. Many Thanks to Ian Perkins for this posting.

Just to let you know the position regarding the team now that Jason
Prynne has decided to retire. What we had been hoping to do on
Wednesday evening was to announce everyone our full side having
arranged to sign the last member of the squad at the end of last week
and believing that we had put together a team capable of winning some
silverware this season. It is definitely a blow to us to find that
one of our top riders has decided to call it a day on speedway so
early in the season, but that as they say is life. Jason has decided
to retire for personal reasons unconnected to Wimbledon Speedway and
it would not be right for us to comment futher on the matter. We
wish Jason well for the future and thank him for all the fine riding
he put in for the Dons last year. Dingle is now back on the trail of
signing a new rider to replace Jason and we are confident that in due
course we will be able to replace him. In the meantime we are going
to give rides to James Clement and also Gareth Hickmott as we believe
that both these young riders have the ability to develop into good
riders. With Wayne, who should only have to miss the occassio nal
meeting for us because of his personal circumstances, Gavin Danny and
Andre all going well there is plenty of reason to be optomistic about
our chances this season and I look forward to revealing the identity
of our new number four on Wednesday night.
Ian Perkin


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