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Some you win┬Žsome you lose

It's been an up and a down week for the management team of Norwich City Speedway. First Steve Ribbons and Sean Wilkinson traveled to the proposed new Speedway site, to take measurements.

Ribbons reports when we saw the site we were just blown away! It's almost perfect. I paced out the track and can report it will be 284 paces around the outside and 240 on the white line, the site has plenty of space for parking cars and what will be a huge pit area for the riders

He added I know that location is important so when we left the site we timed our journey to the A47 Norwich by pass and it was 24 minutes.So although not in the city of Norwich I don't think a half hour car journey is too much to ask for is it?

I have said that I don't think it is feasible to get a speedway track in Norwich under the current Council and the most obvious target area for a track, - The Royal Norfolk showground have been saying no for the last thirty years!

So this represents the best chance we have had in all that time to get our speedway team back on track and last week we talked with Trevor Hedge and as a local man I value his opinion highly. He said that he would back us to the hilt!

The next step is to meet with the landlord again to prepare a draft copy of a lease and to obtain quotes for the work of laying the track and building the pita and showers etc.

However, all news is not good news as the management received news that their bid to run a short season at Kings Lynn Speedway has been turned Down by the Conference Leagues Co-Ordinator Mr Peter Morrish.

Sean Wilkinson said we are understandably disappointed with this decision as the League feel that with the Kings Lynn team and Boston also at Saddlebow Road, it would be too many commitments for the Stadium, we, however, do feel differently but we will bide by the Leagues decision.

All might not be lost this season however for Norwich Speedway fans to see some action, Ribbons explained I spoke to Mr Chris Van Stratton on Saturday to explain our situation and to ask for some advice on how to proceed.His (Van Stratton) response was very positive to all of the speedway related questions I put to him and he even suggested that if all the track work goes according to plan we could apply for an open licence to run some home meetings later on this year.